By: Cade Buckus

Ever since I can remember, I (like most everyone else) have been drawn to nice looking things. Whether it be cars, clothing, electronics, food, whatever! But I’m not writing this to talk about those things. I want to talk about beer. Because I love beer. Not drinking it, (although I like that quite a bit too) but rather the packaging and what goes into the branding process.

Let’s say you walk into your favorite store to pick up a six-pack. You walk over to the shelf and see a plethora of labels with all sorts of different shapes, sizes, colors, graphics, illustrations, typography, etc. That is what gives me life! I love checking out all the unique ways breweries have decided to brand themselves. From the logo, to the art, to the bottle itself, it’s what defines you as a brewery. It’s what people see and interpret before even being able to crack it open and taste it.

Personally, if I see a beer with bad packaging, I’m waaay less likely to even pick it up. Which is really sad if you think about it. Because maybe that beer, the one I didn’t pick up, is literally the nectar of the gods!

Certain breweries have totally nailed down a specific look and feel. They have a large shelf presence, sexy packaging, a nice solid logo, and a consistent feel from label to label. THIS is what makes a brewery thrive. Well, that, and the beer can’t taste like piss. I guess that helps a bit too.

A beer label is a blank canvas waiting to be something awesome and unique. See what I mean here: